Law of Attraction- and how to strategically use it in your life

The Law of Attraction can change your life. It’s formula is like:like or in other words- like attracts like. Positive energy will attract to positive energy which will bring all kinds of good in your life, and likewise for negative energy which will bring all kinds of bad. If you want to use this simple law to benefit your life all you simply have to do is:

1. Know what you want- Be able to accurately describe and visualize what you want to acquire. This could be anything from owning a Ferrari or a Mansion, to having a healthier body or a better relationship with somebody.

2. You have to desire this goal direly, and not let anything impede you from achieving it- If you don’t have the motivation and desire to want to acquire something, there is nothing else that you can do to make it a reality because you wont be creating very much positive energy towards your goal. Its just logic that if you do nothing or very little you will get very little results, and the Law of Attraction wont work.

3.Believe it will become reality- It needs to become a reality in your head, before it can become reality in life. You need to constant remind yourself that this is something you really want and know you can have it if you decide you want to acquire it. This is a crucial part of The Law of Attraction because this will subconsciously make you attracted to your goal. After you use The Law of Attraction you will understand what that means.

Lets put this into Perspective:

Make a goal list, of up to 10 things that you desire, they will be goals that will take a large amount of time to achieve or they will be goals that will take a very small amount of time. It is recommended to have a mix of different time frames, because its important to aim your sights high, but you need that short term satisfaction from smaller goals. With some goals being easier to achieve than others, you shall rate these 10 goals on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most realistic yet desirable and  and 1 being the hardest to achieve, within a 1 year time span. This is how you gauge belief power

For Example: You currently make $20,000 a month

Own a summer cottage (1)

Save $50,000 for Daughter’s College Fund (8)

Buy a brand new F350 Diesel Dually Pickup truck (3)

Make over $25,000 a month (9)

Travel to South America for 12 weeks (7)

Choosing goals with higher priority should always be the more realistic goals because first of all the satisfaction of achieving something increases our thirst and desire for more. It can sometimes be debilitating to choose a goal that is too large.  Saving $50,000 for my Daughters College Fund, making over $25,000 a month and travelling to South America for 12 weeks are all goals that can be attained within the year realistically and are all highly desirable goals. The fact that I have rated these so high reflects my belief for these goals.

The truth is you have to truly desire and take responsibility for your goals. This is the most crucial step- so how do you do it?

Its very simple actually- all you have to do is feel good all the time and send out positive energy. If you are constantly sending out positive energy it will be attracted back to you with more positive energy, putting you in an upward spiral. The same thing can happen with negative energy, sending you into a downward spiral and this can happen to anyone and can ruin your life. You do not want to get stuck in a downward spiral. So you must always stay in a good mood and keep yourself in a positive state. This will only bring more to your life, and The Law of Attraction will improve your life.

A great way to do this is by expressing gratitude all of the time. Gratitude is very important because it reminds you of all the things you are thankful for and brings you to a positive state. One thing I like to do is every morning when I wake up after I do my Miracle Morning Routine by Hal Elrod, I write in my gratitude journal, and jot down 3 things I am thankful for. These are things as simple as “I am thankful that my heart beats thousands of times per day and keeps me alive without any thought.” or “Everyday I have access to healthy and nutritious food, which is a privilege many on this earth do not have, I am grateful.” I recommend trying this out for several nights and you will see what I am talking about.

It positively effects your mind state and improves my day everyday I do it. Days I forget to do it I just don’t feel the same. Try it out and leave a comment below on how it went! Thanks for reading I hope you learned something that will improve your life!